Invest in Nassau Gas & Tanks...

A Message From our Founder

My name is Mark Newell, CEO of Nassau Gas and Tanks. Thank you for being a valuable customer, I have some great news for you. We are seeking investment for growth and expansion in Nassau Gas and Tanks.

We want to share in our success and growth. We believe that if you are our customer and investor, you will not only buy from us, but you will also tell your friends, family, and everyone else to buy from us. To me it just makes sense.

The folks at ArawakX have made the process super simple. It takes 7 minutes to sign up, and an account is free. Shares are $11 per share, and we have a great dividend policy (sharing of profits). All the information you need is there for you to invest.

To learn more and secure your investment, please click here.

I look forward to the conversations we have, and the expansion that we will be able to accomplish together.

Mark Newell
CEO of Nassau Gas and Tanks